And All the Foundation Shudders Chapter List

Linked list of chapters in my short-lived, free prose web series, And All the Foundation Shudders. A disclaimer: of all my works, Shudders is the only one I viscerally hate. I’m still working on figuring out why. Anyway, if you’re going to read this, do it with the understanding that many of the characters and plot points here may never be resolved because I just loathe working with them. The lore of Riven Earth will carry forward into Analogue Ruins where relevant, and I hope to find other writers to write their own Earth-side tales of this kitchen-sink apocalypse.

I love Nehal, so much so that my enthusiasm ran ahead of my common sense, and I ran into trying to write a character I should never have touched. I’m neither a Muslim nor Iranian. She’s way too far outside my own lived experience and I can’t afford to pay consultants, so I have to let that love go and recognize she’s not a character I can write. I’ve folded Jamie’s story into Analogue Ruins so she, at least, will get her closure.

Chapter One: Nine White Lilies Blossom Under the Barrow–Ascension by Autumn from the Slumbering Land Introducing our first PoV character, the quintessentially fae messenger of decay, Jamie Underhill O’Fallows, as she enters the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan to find it’s collapsed into chaos.

Chapter Two: Nine White Lilies–Much Acclaimed is a Horror Who Can See Herself Jamie continues her efforts to get a handle on the unfolding situation, as well as the–ahem–new variables she’s just encountered.

Chapter Three: Nine White Lilies–Cables Can’t Fasten a Wing of Stillborn Dreams Jamie and two new acquaintances call a halt for the day at her personal home back in Faerie, and discuss the troubling revelations they’ve had about both the state of the world and–for one of them–the state of herself.

Chapters Four and Five: Abyssal Whispers C1 and Nine White Lilies C4 In the first PoV chapter of Abyssal Whispers, a demon contemplates the being she most hates. Meanwhile in Chapter Four of Nine White Lilies, Jamie and Synergy return to Grand Rapids, where blood is soon drawn as everything takes an explosive turn for the worse.

Chapter Six: Jamie’s Fifth Chapter Jamie and Syn take stock of their situation, and for want of a better option, Jamie returns to Faerie to confront her past and her goddess.

Chapter Seven: Nehal’s First Chapter Jamie returns to Grand Rapids, where she and Nehal settle on a new course of action, only for a new arrival to force a final reevaluation and a parting of ways.