Analogue Ruins of a Girl I Once Gutted: Episode List

Here’s the running list of episodes in my weird fiction/contemporary fantasy/horror podcast, Analogue Ruins of a Girl I Once Gutted, plus Word documents of the text I read from for each episode. Keep in mind that I leave myself room to ad-lib a little extra here and there if I deem it appropriate in the moment, so the recorded audio will sometimes include a few sentences that aren’t in the text.

Test Episode: Amaranth’s Confessionals #1 A partial-length proof-of-concept I made mostly to figure out if I could do a podcast I was satisfied with using my bare-minimum resources. I initially planned it to serve as a kind of framing device for the series, proving a justification for imitating The Magnus Archives until I figured out what I wanted to do. Then I figured out what I wanted to do, which was not at all the same. Now this mostly serves as Amaranth’s meditation on her self-image. Flavorful, but not essential for the main story.

Episode One: Profile of a Forlorn Hope The first proper episode. A meditation, perhaps more gleeful than it should be, on how a woman as messy as one Amaranth “Moonsilver” Dawson comes to be.

Episode Two: Unspooling Threads of High Treason Amaranth pursues something promised in the first episode–something that’ll change her whole world…

Episode Three: Within the Glass the Mirror Cracks Escorted by a figure from her past, a certain witch arrives at a place where she might just get a fresh start.

Episode Four: Mercury Makes a Poor Recompense The fledgling witch sets off with two new attendants and a greater sense of her own purpose. What’s the worst that can happen from chasing a whim, anyhow?

Episode Five: Answer by the Gibbous Moon The witchling struggles to get her bearings while getting to know a new acquaintance, who helps her understand her growing power a little better–while also bringing her face to face with some questions she is absolutely not ready to answer.

Episode Six: Dissonant Shards Can Still Cut Deep The witchling endeavors once more to return to Earth and confront the course of events. A bond is deepened, a new and deadly skill acquired–but is it too late to grow?

Episode Seven: And with Her Rode Every Evil Thing In which rivals clash, claws come out, and the shape of things to come grows sharper.