The Wheel of Archetypes: The Comic Relief

I was going to write an article for you guys today, but you see I fell in with this lovely lady while I was out buying coffee and I just couldn’t tear myself away. No, seriously, I mean she handcuffed me and arrested me for harassment. The above is lies, obviously. North does not “go […]

The Wheel of Archetypes: The Nimble and the Brutish

I’ve been out of commission for a few days due to career concerns, but now I’ve returned with this article about my two favorite (sorry, most despised) combative character archetypes. One is smooth-talking, light on his feet, deft as a stooping hawk and fragile as a stained-glass window. Doesn’t matter, he never gets hit! Sometimes […]

The Wheel of Archetypes: The Faded Master

The further I go into writing, the more I become aware of archetypes. You know the drill: some characters are just so awesome (or so easy) that we end up writing them over and over again with minor variations. Even the most nuanced characters have to share some traits with others, and what we’ll see […]