Let’s Talk About Realism in Fantasy, #3

And we’re back! For anyone who’s worried that “Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear” may have been bumped from its usual timeslot, that will be returning tomorrow. It’s just been a hectic week and I needed a bit more time to plan that out. Meanwhile: last time I harped on the specific example of problems facing […]

Let’s Talk About Realism in Fantasy, #2

(Part One is Here if you like, but you don’t need it to benefit from this entry) Our plucky heroes faces off against an ancient, inhuman being, a living weapon of the Ancient and Most High and definitely not an overpowered nightmare-creature ripped directly from the deepest lore of my own fiction, a ruthless entity […]

Let’s Talk About Realism in Fantasy, #1

Are you done blinking at the title yet? That’s fine, neither am I. I spend too much time staring at screens to keep my gaze steady for longer than– Alright, fine, gods damn it all, I’ll cut to the quick. Realism! Fantasy! Neither of these things is like the other, and you may have been […]

Canno: The Sleepless Vigil

“You are not the hero.  Tens of millions of people on this planet surpass you in every art of arms and spellcraft at this exact moment. Destiny will not assure your victory. No god’s merciful hand will raise you up from your mistakes. Your bedmates will not be long-lost royalty, but the reek of iron, […]