–DATA EXPURGATED– –Transmission Incoming: Lambent Halcyon –Phasewhisper acknowledges; Lambent, you’ve thoughts to offer me? –Thus fades a miserable soul’s last reflection. –You don’t think we might be overextending ourselves? If we erase too much, someone’s likely to notice. –Obscuring archives depicting that which tasted, however briefly, an ancient nova’s blood? No. If they do, do […]


–DATA EXPURGATED– –Outgoing Transmission: Lambent Halcyon –Transmission Accepted –Lambent, concern: isn’t this a story people should know? It illustrates the way fascism starts rather well. Ordinary people helped her from the start. Good people, or, so they thought themselves. –A worthy argument, Phasewhisper, yet superfluous. An infinity of such stories sprawl throughout our universe, and […]