Commission Info

Just a little page adapted from a Twitter thread establishing my basic writing and visual art commission principles and rates.

I need to just start making money wherever and however I can. So! Generalized commission talk. For now these’ll just be on-demand. If said demand grows high enough that I wind up with more clients than time, well, then I’ll introduce a slot system.

First, writing commissions! I’m fairly confident in these. Rates are $17.50 per 500 words of general fic and $25 per 500 words of erotica. I will take most things in either of those categories, with just a few key provisos:
-No underage stuff
-No non-fiction
-I reserve the right to refuse a commission without further explanation. This will most likely not be a judgment on your desires. My mental health can fluctuate pretty wildly based on any one of a number of triggers. I just have to roll with it, hence this proviso.
-Complexity/conceptualization/ouchie fees: if you request a piece that needs me to balance a lot of different things, push the envelope of the writing medium, or mash my face into really draining stuff, I will probably levy extra fees to account for the extra mental load.
-Research fees: same principle! I love learning things, but I love writing too and I still expect to be paid for that. I’m more than happy to write a commission that requires me to do research, but I will charge $15 per hour of reading needed (minimum $3 extra).

Those are the salient points for writing commissions! To arrange a commission, you can DM me on Twitter @AshenveinGate or email me at Please do not reply under any of my personal writing asking about commissions. I will politely ignore you.

Next up, probably the one more people are going to be interested in: art commissions! I’ve been going back and forth on this for years. It’s time to get stuck in.
Firstly: no NSFW for now. I really, really want to, but I’m not confident enough in my lewding skills to sell them.

Rates are as follows: $20 for a black-and-white headshot, like my gal Varasella here. I’m willing to include one or two other elements where fitting. Eg. if your character has wings, I can include one of those in frame.

$25 for flat color. $30 for flat color + cel shading.

And lastly, $35 for color and soft shading. Bear with me, I’ll give you examples of these shading styles pretty shortly. I haven’t actually done any half-bodies yet, but rates for those will be $35 for lines only, $40 for color, $45 for color + cel shading, … and $60 for color + full soft shading.

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk full bodies! We’ll use Kotoe here as our first example. (I don’t generally draw in pencil, scan, and then line over/clean up anymore, just working with the portfolio I’ve got right now). So!

Rates start at $60 for lines only, and yes, feet and sword-pommels usually come included! Unless you also like the feeling of your OC being too big for the frame, of course!~
Flat colors start at $70.

Flat colors + cel or simple shading, as shown with Kirai here, start at $80.

Finally, for a colored, fully soft-shaded full-body as seen here with Cavanna, rates start at $110. Simple color backgrounds come included. Anything more elaborate than that is going to lead us into complexity fee territory, which I will handle case-by-case.

References! I’m willing to take written descriptions of up to twelve lines of 12 pt. font in length. That’s around 200 words.

If you can’t fit the most essential parts of your character design into this space, you either need to reassess, or again–complexity fees.

Visual references: I want these for things like posing, framing, and character body language + any key design elements that are just really hard to convey in words.

If you’re very adamant that your commission needs to turn out –just so– then I’ll need equally precise references.

To cap this off, let’s talk complexity fees more generally, and what happens once I accept your commission. Here’s a portrait of my self-image from 2021, with some recent mods/corrections.

Now, I LOVE complex designs. But the work is still work. All these individual scales, all shaded individually (some, as you can see, less well than others), multiple horns with multiple changes in shape and considerable tapering + different colored stripes… you can tell where I burned out a bit from where the finish gets sloppy. This headshot comes in turn from this half-body:

Now, I love this conceptually and in many of its better-executed areas, but you can definitely see how I started losing track of things like proportion, nuances of posing, scale layout on the tail…

To really finish this half-body at the level of quality I want from myself, I’d have had to spend as much time on it as it would take to draw two full-body, fully colored and shaded pieces at the same level of complexity as Cavanna.

Am I willing to do something that involved for a commission? Yes. But it’s gonna get pricey.

Let’s wrap this up, then! Once we’ve talked through everything and I accept your commission, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice. Once that’s paid, and I finish any other commissions in front of yours, I’ll get started on it.

For writing commissions, I am willing to make revisions of up to sentence length on the fly as requested–want more detail here, want this tone changed, want this bit cut, that’s all quite easy to do.

For art commissions, I will only make major changes during linework. I am continuously fine-tuning line thickness and small shapes all through the coloring and shading phases, so having to go back and add whole new groups of lines will throw that process out of whack and lead to another round of fine-tuning just to keep it all from feeling disjointed. I would have to charge for that and would still be annoyed despite the extra money, so it’s better to just eliminate the possibility entirely.

For now, please keep in mind that I’m planning to take commissions on the side rather than as a primary source of income. So, I’ll only be working commissions on my days off. Your patience is appreciated!

I do believe that covers it.
Hope to make some stuff for folks soon!