A Word About Getting in Touch

I tend to be pretty cagey about how I make message me these days, as well as how I let others do so. If I’m streaming, as I occasionally do on Twitch, that’s an excellent time and place to say hi. You can most often find me on Twitter: under my primary/empty spaces account as Ashenvein Gate (@AshenveinGate) as Dark Archon Construct (@DarkArcCon) if you’d rather commune with me through occult vibes and lore, or as Threshold-Maiden Ermina (@2ManyMinas) if you’d find a raunchy porn-RTing account easier to get to know.

If you want to contact me for professional reasons, such as to ask about commissions or offer me a job, you may email me at cmccurdy@northbornsword.blog. If you try to reach me at this email for any other reason without my prior invitation, I will ignore you, and you’ll be on the fast-track to my blacklist. Repeat offenses will get you cut off entirely. I’m not looking for an inbox full of spam and clumsy attempts at flirting.

For general purposes, you’re better off commenting under a relevant post. If I like your vibes and what you’ve got to say, you can bet I’ll want to strike up a little conversation! I love talking to people, just not self-infatuated nitwits who don’t understand boundaries. And I mean, if you’re not reading my writing enough for a natural opportunity to arise to bond with me over said writing, I do have to question why else I would want to talk to you in the first place. Seems silly to strike up a conversation with someone who doesn’t care about one of the most important things in my life, you know?

Either way, I do ask that you please interact with me a bit in appropriate places–RTing and replying to my flashfiction and chatting to the other members of my following on Twitter, commenting here on the blog as mentioned above. You know… look at me as you would any other adult who’s learned the value of skepticism, and whose trust isn’t given so freely anymore. Let me see who you are and that you’re acting in good faith before trying to reach me in DMs. If you reach out to me unsolicited for any reason, I may block you at the first perceived red flag.

Once I know you and I know you have an earnest interest in me, my work, or both, we can talk about more direct ways of talking.