New Release: Demon Queen of the Deep Ways

Hello, readers. I’m very tired, but also very full of genuine joy, to announce that in place of this week’s Analogue Ruins episode, I’m releasing a new novel: Demon Queen of the Deep Ways.

Update, 7/29/2022: after more meditating on the stars, I came to understand Haksaema better. It only took me eight damned years to figure it out–Haksaema is the Carag star of euphoric becoming. And there’s obviously potential for hope in that, but it’s a much deeper, more truly abyssal essence than just hope. A key for many Carag mysteries: if I find myself describing them in terms of ideals, then I’ve probably gone astray. So, I went through Demon Queen and updated both references to Haksaema’s place in Carag cosmology to reflect this! Original text resumes with the next sentence.

Let the record show that I did want to release both this and the latest Analogue Ruins this week, but since work on this has run until 9:45 PM tonight, that was never going to happen.

There’s less sleight-of-hand here than it might first appear. While Demon Queen is a compilation of “Threefold Damnation”, The Complete Collected Tales of Machrae Diir, and Assignation by the Void Ignited, I’ve significantly revised and streamlined many portions of these stories (especially the wordier parts of Assignation) while rewriting and expanding others to create a fully-cohesive narrative.

Demon Queen of the Deep Ways is both a prologue and a direct sequel to Sword of the Outsider, 133k words of queer weird fiction set in the future, featuring yours truly and many other demon girls in a long-form story of trauma, overcoming, self-love and reclaiming one’s joy, dreams, and lust. It’s the last major story I plan to write in the Inheritrix continuity which began with Sword of the Outsider, so if you wanted to wait until that story was completed before diving in, now’s your time!

And regardless how much of it is new, it is completely free, so I think you’ll be quite pleased with what you get for that value. It’s the last free book I ever plan to release. I’m incredibly proud of both this book, and of myself. Writing this final version has been the single most fraught, healing, empowering project of my life. No matter what happens now, it’s worth it to me just to have had the chance to experience it.

I really hope you like it, though, so I can share that experience with all of you. You’ll find both a PDF and a Word document attached below, as well as a Google doc that you’re welcome to share with whoever you like. As long as my name and copyright are still in the files, I want you to spread these far and wide with everyone who’s interested! Welcome to the lambent halls, readers dear. Please enjoy your stay. As for myself? Like my in-book incarnation, I’m long overdue for a well-deserved rest.




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