The Complete Collected Tales of Machrae Diir

Hello, readers! There’s not much more to say here. The Collected Tales of Machrae Diir are complete and free to read whenever you desire.

Featuring 71k words of flash fiction, short stories, and a few pieces of lore delivered as in-universe documents, plus a foreword and a couple of strategically-placed explanations for those who desire them, and in-text links to the two other pieces–“Threefold Damnation” and Assignation by the Void Ignited–which take place in this continuity of Machrae Diir and its Lady. If you were waiting for these to be finished before diving in, now’s your time!

Conceptually, this is both some of the richest and most diverse writing this one has ever undertaken. She’s so happy to offer it to all of you free of charge. The only consistent themes? Demon girls figuring out how to find joy again, and the dimension itself. No matter what happens, Machrae Diir will always be Kairlina’s home. She hopes that maybe some of you will come to feel the same.

Whether you come to feel the yearning of a denizen, or you just stop by for a little while as a guest, it’s our joy to share these journeys with you, readers dear.

Google docs:

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