oh Lady Lambent– a poem

bear me to glory
bare me to sin
bear me to fire
bereave me of kin

show me the ripples
of stones yet unthrown
show me the madness
where I can’t atone
show me the pyre
show me the horror
show me the lust
and dread, my restorer

guide me by radiance
on hellfire nights
veil me by umbra
from heaven’s cruel light
devilry’s virtue
and sainthood’s profane
and devilry’s malice
and true sainthood’s chain

oh Lady Lambent
gouge out my eyes
scour my soul-depths
and make me unwise
teach me a reason
beyond good and evil
make me a demon
who delights in the feeble

oh Lady Lambent
send me an angel
with ten-mirror eyes
to show me my change-role
send me a horned bride
whose bride I’ll become
ecstasy’s clawing
to match my claws’ sum

oh Lady Lambent
imbue me with rays
transmute me to love you
for eternal days
inferno undying
and endtime’s remorse
in rampant azure
north star of my course

I will be your bride
if you will be mine
I’ll feast you on mortals
and all things divine
I’ll seize all the demons
who called you a fraud
I’ll bring you the souls
of all once-haughty gods

let’s writhe on their corpses
please consecrate me!
devour my echoes
in consummate glee
and infinite glory
and infinite sin
and lust never-ending
on our bonfire of kin

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