Bloodblurbs: Bloodborne-Inspired Poems

Hello, readers mine! There’s not much to explain in the title. I’ve been co-hosting Bloodborne streams run by my good friend Charles Robin Jr. You can find his Twitch channel here, and follow him on Twitter here. Also along for the ride as co-hosts were fellow perennially-horny demon girls Val–LastValerica – Twitch and Incantatrix-Valphomet 🔞 (@Valauriel) / Twitter–and Sam: 🔞 Bubblegum Biatch || *Open Commissions!* (@isawitchmu) / Twitter.

As a gimmick for this series of streams, I decided I’d compose a few lines of Gothic poetry for each unique death Charles experienced and each boss he defeated on stream. As of last night we finished the game at last, so now I’m posting every single one of those poems in this collection for you to enjoy.

Please note that I missed a few hours of one stream due to a bad depressive episode and a sad little person with a hacked character ruined the boss battle with the Orphan of Kos, so there are a few ragged patches in this tapestry of words.

Now then, let’s begin.

Poems for unique deaths:

1 (Death to a figure in a porcelain mask):
Tundral blue
in ivory sockets
the plunge of a stake.

2 (Death to a hollow titan):

The invisible hand, the insight defied
you cannot hunt what you cannot bleed
you cannot kill what you cannot abide

3 (Death to the Blood-Starved Beast):

Slavering grotesquerie
decay of stone, decay of flesh
a hunger and a hollowness
before the altar of blood
hunt and hunt again
nothing shall sustain you

4 (Death to a villager with a saber):
A speck of blood
A speck of rust
Another notch in a  ragged blade

5 (Death by single gunshot):

Acrid air boiled by a spark
two clouds
many marks
so much for the hunger of the Hunter.

6 (Death by getting gun-punked off a ledge while staring at a corpse)

A curious eye neglects lurking shadows
shivering tendon meets a cold iron curve
what begins with lead
ends with the kiss of uprushing cobbles

7 (Death by inadvertently hurling oneself into the abyss):

Slaughter teaches haste
a sprint, a slide, a large miss better than a small
poor lessons for leaps of faith

8 (Death to the Undead Giant):
Hook and scythe in a chamber of butchery
hanging entrails obscure
the stroke was ponderous
but that is often the way of death

9 (Death to a mace-wielding brute):

The glisten of skin and bulk bared
great mass and great wrath
you are hot iron on the anvil
of a smith who cares only to break you

10 (Death to the Three Watchers):

If one mountain moves
then escape its path
if three converge
crags of bulk and yellowed ivory
find a narrow pass
or become dust

11 (Death to a Snatcher):

An enshrouding cowl
canvas and crushing heft
bloodied fibers
never enough to gather

12 (Death to a very large pig)

Squeals and thunder
in the filth of the streets
slops and flesh become confused
swine do not discriminate

13 (Death to a skeleton)

The frictive gouge
dead knuckles find the warmth of flesh again
is this yearning?
More flesh might offer the answer

14 (Death to Darkbeast Parl):

Bones cannot carry a charge
a throat of ribs cannot squall
nor an unseen heart beat
but sunlight’s laws are behind you now

15 (Death to a hunter behind a gatling gun)

The arm that turns the brassine crank
and tends the steaming barrels
has learned its force well
the high ground is yet untaken
and the beasts feed again

16 (Death to Vicar Amelia)

A faithful figure in sanctuary halls
hands clasped
supplication or agony?
If the flesh of birth is separation from heaven
then perhaps this is sainthood

17 (Death by Volley Fire)

A swift step aside
a keen eye to sudden shifts
a duelist’s instincts
confront a thicket of billowing sulphur
the bullet is a mad thing

18 (Death by Cannon Shell)

Thunderclap in the night
brief dawn in the gloom
like the descent of heaven
at the grasping hands of man
for shards of excoriating light

19 (Death by a Saw Blade)

Lanky and towering
a sprawl of steepled limbs
buttress for a serrated plummet
a poor way to sever
but splitting is enough

20 (Death by many, many snakes)

Wrapped in the silhouettes of men
sprung forth as the tree of life
writhing closer
fangs form tunnels
inviting the serpent inward

21 (Death to a spellcasting student)

A white coat stirred
by the dispersion of earthward stars
a tentacular splay
after stars leave the flesh they brighten
it will be darker than ever before

22 (Death by Rom’s attendants)

A vacuous creature, scuttling
seeking ends unknown on an endless sea
one scattered mind begets others
many legs rend one body
spiders seek warmth together

23 (Death to the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst)

Shadowed cowl and shadowed steps
a flutter, a flash, a hungering blade
this grudge belongs to another
but will claim as many as it may

24 (Death by pitchfork)

A broad blade
a narrow tine
they draw the same hot blood
when an unwary heart they rend

25 (Death by Amygdala)

26 (Death by Martyr Logarius)

Chill-rend sinews clasping
the cast-off weapon’s haft
gale-force wind sings
one martyr
falls by another

27 (Death by Celestial Emissary)

Swarming from the depths
fallen from the heavens
waxing masses like the gibbous moon
still too small to reach the sky anew
prisoners of the wasted world
seek vengeance on their warden

28 (Death by Ebrietas)

Hunched in the dark
blood’s scent revives
unsung tendrils of eternity
draw forth the truth of flesh

29 (Death by an Elder Beast)

Radial maw
like sun-sickened spokes
bloodlust knows the same need
under the darkest stars

30 (Death by a Hunter with the Holy Blade)

Howl of steel in a kindred skin
hunter to hunter
cleanse unbidden sin

31 (Death by spiders)

Scuttling claws and mandible talons
the brood of the spinner
the blood of man
a feast unfit for remembrance

32 (Death by a sinewy hulk)

Crooked aspect brings an altered view
the upright shape becomes slanted
an unright angle in need of correction

33 (Death to Micolash)

A cage of halls
a cage for the mind
beseeching for eyes
from the half-heeding divine

34 (Death to a horrid gremlin-jester)

A diminutive form mocks humanity
by a flurry of small strokes
the gods show their will

35 (Death to Ludwig the Accursed)

Misshapen sprawls in pools of blood
the distorted form seeks kinship
open yourself
and share its shapes

36 (Death to two nameless women)

Before the altar and the shrouded husk
two maiden blades
and a hunter’s dusk

37 (Death to a scythe-wielding Hunter in a cell)

The shriek of hinges
calls the ghost in the corner
so too shriek of reaping
no laments of the mourner

38 (Death to Lady Maria)

Mirrored by the dream
a corpse in the old tower
begun by blood
by blood condemned
old things
sometimes burn out the new

39 (Death to a fishy troglodyte)

Stagnant mud, coastal sprawl
pattering feet through leaning scaffold
the web of a fin
finds kinship with red tendrils atop the murk

40 (Death to a snail woman)

Clawing fingers
viscous dripping
surround the rigid form
pull down the wet and warmth within

41 (Death to a Winter Lantern)

Spindly figure
tendrils and eyes
like a dream’s embrace
a false halcyon
into a true night

42 (Death to the Orphan of Kos)

Sprawled beneath the dying sun
a pale skein of heaven
gives life from its death
the newborn learns the way of youth
a lesson to repeat on all its elders

43 (Death to Laurence, the First Vicar)

Unending wails of a burning form
cast sparks on the archways
illuminate the sanctum
infidel in this place of pain
these cries are for you
your baptism to come

44 (Death to a large, hot ball)

A snarling maelstrom
the beckoning stair
the roar of the fire
small forms crushed by its glare

45 (Death to a tentacle-faced executioner)

The doorway beckons
shadow, hood, and tentacles interpose
plunge past too swiftly
meet the iron fastness of ruin

46 (Death to the Moon Presence)

The blood-red horizon
unhallowed moon’s corona
luminescent rejection
means nothing but darkness

Poems for bosses defeated:

1 (Cleric Beast Defeated):
Maw and antlers, tendrils fly
the leap, the charge, the raucous cry–
wrath and ire, or begging to die?

2 (Gascoigne Defeated):

The splitting howl
of axe and beast
the cuprous scent
the iron tang
Intoxicating blood:
drown yourself
in the same vein

3 (Blood-Starved Beast Defeated):
The long sweep of talons
the chalky collapse of a pillar
self-flayed flesh and torn banners;
they end in leaden storm.

4 (Undead Giant Defeated):

A titan hobbled under the earth
already rotten
putrified flesh does not know pain
or victory

5 (Watchers Defeated):
Cudgel, cleaver, and shot
three hulks
in unison roaring
now as one

6 (Darkbeast Paarl Defeated):

The heel of the beast
the cleaver’s haft
lightning quivers on sourceless tufts
what use a predator
with no stomach to fill?

7 (Vicar Amelia defeated):
Wailing and gnashing
the shudder of a haunch
a paw’s final descent
do not catch the gaze of the gods
do not echo
in the aging night

8 (Witches of Hemwick defeated):

Hunched, hobbling
open sores on the sight
empty spaces in the dim
sickles and ritual shrieks
do not halt the sword-carved swath

9 (Shadows of Yharnam defeated)

Triumvirate lurking
steel and fire
black hoods and old blood
does a vision of time unraveling
taste like black powder?

10 (Rom defeated)

Bringer of fertility
keeper of the secrets
in a web woven of too many legs
for her own to find sanctuary

11 (The One Reborn defeated)

Gaggle of limbs
whispered horror
by lunar womb
and shadows formed
what visions brought
what faith redeemed
best thee rot
thy birth unseen

12 (Amygdala defeated)

A tangle beyond time
of the old ones echoed
fear, fight or flight
once was hunted
now forlorn

13 (Master Logarius defeated)

The scythe seeking wheat
for the wind-worn soul
finds naught for succor
lying lost in the cold

14 (Celestial Emissary defeated)

Freed from flesh
rise on vaporous tumults
into the sickened sky
Perhaps freedom from life is enough

15 (Ebrietas defeated)

Abide in vaults below
and wait for death to die
until the guiding light of stars
lures the ruthless hunter’s eye

16 (Micolash defeated)

Splintering light and squalling edge
binary collision brings the end
a glimpse of cosmos
unseen by a mind empty of eyes

17 (Ludwig defeated)

The wreckage of tendon
the visage distended
a moonlight inheritance
and a legacy ended

18 (Living Failures defeated)

The price of ascension
paid by the sunken
cast down out of mention
left hopeless, and shrunken
on a heap of sick flowers
beckon the stars
with meteors broken
as tombstone shards

19 (Lady Maria defeated)

A vestige before the gears
revealed by the glinting
blood and fire herald the fall
a porcelain aspect sundered
a corpse left well alone

20 (For the Orphan of Kos, robbed of a proper defeat by a sorry soul with a hacked character)

What is an infant’s cry to an unheeding ear?
Grant an infinity of eyes
the self-swaddled mind will never see
called as a comrade
arrived as usurper
who will sing for you?
Would-be heroes
are often the murderers of innocence

21 (Laurence, the First Vicar defeated)

The flames extinguished
the silenced cry
an end to worship
by unvaulted time

22 (Gehrman, the Old Hunter defeated)

A promise of escape
the endless dream unmade
the old one’s offer
becomes his due

23 (Moon Presence defeated)

Tendrils of the riven dawn
embrace the fangs of youth
a grandiose delusion
undone by the blood
frail warmth found
in a dream beyond salvation

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