Hello faithful! I am appearing at my normally-scheduled time to tell you I’m focusing on artistic endeavors this week and, therefore, will not be able to supply you with visualized sounds conveying my ideas about other visualized sounds!

Instead, here’s a picture of my progress so far on the selection layer I’ll use to help simulate a Wootz-like texture
a weapon you may remember
–Lambent, query: you’re certain you want this one altered? From what I know of the man, I must assume he would have been one of yours.
–Phasewhisper, I hope you may live a long, fruitful life and never learn why I now answer–that is precisely the reason I wish the data removed.
–Lambent, order confirmed. Commencing blouse-out.–

–s to do today, so I’m off to torture myself further–have a good one, everybody!

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