The Heck Just Happened With All Those Posts?

Hello, blog faithful! Before I (finally) get to my morning sword practice (at, the, er, beginning of the afternoon), I felt I owed everyone a quick explanation.

I posted a short story recently. Some of you may have seen it. It represents significant emotional investment, a good chunk of time, and ungodly amounts of thinking behind the scenes. I do a lot of drafting in my head before I ever start typing, and since the story is set on my personal high-fantasy world… let’s just say the lore overfloweth. With this in mind, I wanted to make sure it got a fair hearing, and at least didn’t get buried by WordPress algorithms which, I strongly suspect, do not favor length.

Also, I don’t know that most of you have the time to read almost 9,000 words in a single sitting, especially not in the middle of the American work-day. Sort of hard to enjoy any story if you can’t put it aside without losing your place, is it? With that in mind, I decided to split “Sonderhau” into a bunch of nice, digestible chunks. These are already organized by plot beat, and have a table of contents as well as”pages” operated by clicking hyperlinks. Could be smoother, but it’ll do for now. Most are 5-700 words, with one that’s about 400 and another just over 800. See? Much more manageable!

This just happened to involve a withering fusillade of notifications which may have desperately irritated some of you. I am so, so sorry. If you can forgive me, that aforementioned table of contents is HERE. Alternatively, click here for Page One.

I strongly recommend you start with page one. Most stories are better that way, and especially this one. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you enjoy it nearly as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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